About 101 Senior Christian Singles

Senior Christian single menWelcome to 101ChristianSeniorSingles! This website aims to give senior single Christians as many resources and means to meet with other mature Christians near them as possible. We also are affiliated with a singles service that has many thousands of older Christians who are looking for means for dating people in heir age-group.

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As well as a place to advertise and find social events for older single Christians, you will find over time we include meetup.com groups for Christians in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even in their 80’s and beyond. Don’t forget to inform us of any resources, sites or events you know of that will help our senior church members.

If you are a senior single in the church and having a hard time meeting others of your age, please don’t hesitate to try our always 100% free service just for people like you. See the Signup link top right of this page. We hope you find this site useful! God bless you:)